Living in the Body

Robyn Scherr : Craniosacral Therapy

What’s it like, living in your body?

Perhaps you’re slow to heal from an injury you were told should have been straightforward, or you’re recovering from trauma, or you have headaches that just won’t quit. Maybe your body is mysterious to you. Maybe you’ve received a difficult diagnosis, and relief is hard to find.

Or you’re learning that, more than anything, daily stress is eating away at your life.

You have an inkling, an inner knowing that you could be healthier, happier, more comfortable in your own skin, and you wonder how to get there.

Simply put, I work best with people who are ready to hear their bodies’ side of the story. In working with me, we’ll consult with the foremost expert: your own body’s intelligence. With that as our guide,
we’ll work together to help you increase your capacity for joy and live your fullest, most satisfying life.